Morgan Dollar Obverse This 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar is from the first year of mintage.

Morgan Dollar

To many, the Morgan Dollar is synonymous with the Silver Dollar. It was minted for nearly 26 consecutive years from 1878 to 1904 during the "Wild West" period of United States (and it was also reissued briefly in 1921). With its dignified Liberty as heads, and majestic eagle as tails, it is the classic silver dollar.

The Morgan Silver dollar gets its name from George T. Morgan who designed the coin when he was the mint's Assistant Engraver. Morgan eventually became Chief Engraver in 1917. The Obverse of the Morgan Dollar features the head of Liberty, and the reverse features an eagle clasping an olive branch and arrows above a wreath with a bow.

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Morgan Dollar Reverse The reverse of the Morgan Dollar features an eagle clasping an olive branch and arrows. Below the eagle is a wreath with a bow. The mint mark is located below the wreath bow, and above the D and O in DOLLAR.

Morgan Dollar Comparison 17 years after mintage was halted, the Morgan dollar was minted for part of 1921 before the mint changed over to the Peace Dollar design. Because the master dies were destroyed in 1910, they had to be recreated in 1921. As a result there are some small differences between the 1921 Morgan Dollar on the right, and the original Morgan Dollars like the one on the left.

Old Mint Commemorative Morgan Reverse In 2006, the mint issued a commemorative silver dollar to honor and acknowledge the contributions made by the old San Francisco mint. The reverse of the dollar is a replica of the Morgan Silver Dollar last minted in 1921.