Autograph Book This is a photo of a signature book called Autographs of the Presidents of the United States 1789-1917.

Autographs of the U.S. Presidents

We thought a collection of presidential signatures and portraits would be an appropriate first exhibit for the launch of VirMu.

Entitled Autographs of the Presidents of the United States 1789-1917, this unique leather-bound book contains rare portraits of, and signed documents by, each of the first twenty-seven U.S. Presidents, beginning with George Washington and ending with Woodrow Wilson. It even has a wonderful surprise - a certificate signed by Wilson's Acting Secretary of State, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As you can see by browsing the exhibit pages, this amazing piece of early Americana is a one-of-a-kind gem.

The book's current owner has graciously allowed us to photograph each page so that everyone can explore this amazing volume. He had at one time considered loaning it to a brick-and-mortar museum. But with VirMu, he realized that he and the rest of the world can view this treasure from anywhere at any time.

Click on the left-side menu to view the pages for each president.

First Exhibit Item: George Washington

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Autograph Book This photo shows the spine of the book and the slipcase.

Autograph Book Title page of Autographs of the Presidents of the United States 1789-1917.