Father Hartman Letters Holy Land These are the "circular letters" which Father Hartman sent back to his relatives and friends during his 1959-1960 sabbatical journey to the Holy Land.


On August 26, 1959. Father Louis Hartman, Redemptorist Priest from TK, boarded the Queen Elizabeth bound for England, the first leg on his journey to the holy land, where a teaching assignment awaited him at The American School in Jerusalem. By most standards it was a typical trip. But what makes these travels unique is that Father Hartman detailed his adventure in the form of eight letters that he sent home during the course of his journey. Father Hartman referred to these as "circular letters" which were copied by the office secretary back at the Catholic Biblical Association of America in Washington DC, and sent out to Father Hartman's relatives and friends so they could vicariously follow him on his journey.

1959 was a time where people rarely travelled far, and did not have email or facebook to keep in touch with their friends and family. So these types of letters were.

Father Hartman spent a year in the Holy Land as Annual Professor of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. His 1959-60 sabbatical year he spent as annual professor at the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem.

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